Chicken Products

Beef Products

Cold Cut Products

High quality slices made to perfection, guaranteeing satisfaction with every bite. With all sorts of varieties and flavors available, we are sure you’re going to love them.

Ice Cream Products


Premium quality ice cream is exactly what you get from Zamil Food and more. Creating it extra smooth and rich to give it that creamy taste. With our variety of flavors, We produce a variety of flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango and Pistachio. We assure you that our ice cream will draw a smile on your face.

fish products

At Zamil, We manufacture the finest quality of fish products. They are carefully packaged and well taken care of, for the greatest taste.

oriental products


Nothing brings joy like the good old traditional food. Our products were carefully designed to give you a gentle texture filled with flavor.